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Our Promise

A videography company based in Bristol, we specialise in travel films, but we’re just as comfortable in a corporate setting. We believe in creating high quality videos for companies of all shapes and sizes. We don't charge like wounded bulls either.

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Our Work

We strive to make films we love, no matter the setting. Give us a call to discuss your idea and let's get your project underway. If you would like to see other films we have made, click here.


We know each company and client have a different budget. We also know from personal experience the costs of running a company. That's why we keep things simple. Two filmmakers with a set of professional kit and a lot of filming knowledge. Because of this, our prices won't have you running for the hills. Check out our packages on our pricing page here.

Meet The Foxes

Burnham Twin Fox Media

Burnham Arlidge

Videographer and Photographer

Burnham is wildlife photographer and filmmaker with an MA in wildlife filmmaking. Continuity and seamless  transitions are his trademark. His work has won numerous awards at film festivals and has been featured by National Geographic and Red Bull.

Burnham Twin Fox Media

Edward Allistone

Videographer and Photographer

Specialising in time lapse, hyper lapse and drone videography, Edward has a keen eye for composition. In photography he specialises in Wildlife and Landscape Astrophotography and his pictures have appeared on the BBC and in the Telegraph.