A two man band. Twin Fox Media consists of Edward Allistone and Burnham Arlidge. Childhood friends and sparring partners from the tender age of five, Edward and Burnham continue to be bound by their love of film, travel and the outdoors.

While Edward and Burnham each have their own specialities and preferences, they can both fulfil all the roles required to produce the perfect film for your business.

Read more about them individually:

Edward Twin Fox Media

Edward Allistone

Videogrpahy and Photography

Specialising in time lapse, hyper lapse and drone videography, Edward has a keen eye for composition. In photography he specialises in Wildlife and Landscape Astrophotography and his pictures have appeared on the BBC and in the Telegraph.

Edward Twin Fox Media

Burnham Arlidge

Videography and Photography

Burnham is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker with an MA in wildlife filmmaking. Continuity and seamless  transitions are his trademark. His work has won numerous awards at film festivals and has been featured by National Geographic and Red Bull.